DeskArtes tools for desktop and automated AM production

3Data Expert 15.0

Efficient AM Workflow with 3Data Expert 15.0

DeskArtes 3Data Expert 15.0 is a professional software tool for 3D data preparation for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing. Latest version comes with multithreading which speeds up Verfication, Repair, Boolean, Scan Offset, Solidify, 3D Lattice, Copy Array, Support Generation, Slicing and many other operations up to 90%, depending on the command. With 3Data Expert you can prepare 3D models for AM with just a few mouse clicks with a simple four step process: 3D model input with automatic repair/faceting, positioning, support generation and slicing. Ready AM process data can be outputted as STL files, slice contours or bitmaps to selected AM system.

  • User friendly and clear four step workflow to support efficient 3D data preparation for AM.
  • Print Configuration files for tuning the software for your specific AM system.
  • Part positioning, Support generation (metal, DLP and SLA systems) and Slicing.
  • Multithreading for efficient 3D model handling.
  • Print Configuration setup files for various AM systems.

Automated 3D model processing with DeskArtes AM Chain

DeskArtes AM Chain

DeskArtes AM Chain is an important step towards AM mass production. The different tools with AM Chain are developed and optimized to take your 3D models through the necessary data preparation steps automatically for efficient AM based part production. Tools can be called from other software applications or web server scripts to convert your raw data into manufacturable AM data set wihtout operator inteference.

  • Efficient and reliable data preparation for AM mass production.
  • Full automated 3D model processing chain.
  • Integrate DeskArtes AM Chain background tools into your process.
  • Available as libraries for linking or executables for calling from web applications, scripts, ...
  • Operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS.
DeskArtes 3Data Expert